Beneath the Moonlit Stars- In loving memory of Dennis Humpage

A piano suite in 7 movements

1 The Descent/The Rain

2 I remember, you were laughing

3 The Snowstorm

4 Danze Frenetiche

5 Fractures (Download Live Recording Here)

6 Sunrise

7 Spheres

Beneath the Moonlit Stars received it's début in July 2013, at ‘The Crossing’ in Walsall.

However, some of the specific movements contained within it were written over the decade spanning 2003-2013. Danze Frenetiche was the first piece to be written back in 2003, as a separate piece -with Fractures & I remember, you were laughing -following a few years later. But the work as a whole developed somewhat over time & when Dennis passed away in 2009, Dominic put all of his effort into structuring the movements into a suite which flowed naturally. The Descent/The Rain & Sunrise were completed in 2012 & then Spheres in early 2013 to complete the work.

The piece has many tonal qualities to it & stretches the pianoforte's range quite considerably. Some movements are minimalistic & haunting, others sparkle with virtuosity & flair.

They are all deeply emotional & show the strong bond that Dominic & his Grandfather built up over the years. The final piece (Spheres) encompasses the feeling of heartbreak Dominic felt at his passing whilst managing to remain hopeful/uplifting with it's ethereal major-key finale.