VALOUR 1914-2014 Featuring Sir Derek Jacobi

I: A Mothers love

II: So many promises…

III: A War hero

IV: Of Kites & Bells/Equilibrium/Final Moments

V: Slow Parade

VI: ‘See you on the other side’

VII: Soaring through clouds

Valour is a musical composition by Midlands-based composer & multi-instrumentalist -Dom Mason. It was written to commemorate the centenary of WW1. Consisting of 7 movements, the piece is designed to reflect the very real emotions felt by those who have been affected by conflict & loss.

Dom began work on the piece in the late summer of 2013, ideas grew gradually. In its initial stages, it was going to be a work specifically written in memory of a historical figure. Until the idea came to Dom to view Valour as an ‘emotional progressive journey’ in which the listener can interpret general themes rather than actual specific events themselves.

This way, the piece will resonate with the listener better and give everyone who listens to it a perspective & a reflective mood to delve into. Everyone has experienced loss, everyone has experienced hope and everyone has some form of longing, so this emotive theme can be deeply moving for all.

The piece begins with the start of life and all of the promises it brings, progressing through to the difficult times, the heroic times, the moments of hope which we all keep on our hearts, coping with death & finally (perhaps most importantly) - what lies beyond this.….

Valour is written for small ensemble. The soft ambient tones the pianoforte echo throughout, as do the soaring heart-wrenching melodies of the violin & cello. Various other instruments such as horns & guitars are also involved to evoke feelings of loss, nostalgia, longing & hope. Emotions directly related to conflict…

Dom intended for Valour to bring culture, the arts & creative talent together, with this in mind the gifted theatre actor Sir Derek Jacobi has recorded a monologue reading of a text written by Dom which will accompany the music in movement four of Valour. The reading is very moving & Dom is extremely grateful of Sir Derek’s assistance with this project. Dom would like to express his appreciation to Sir Derek for his assistance, grace, professionalism & flair in all of his involvement in Valour. The project also involves other creative arts too.

The visual artwork for Valour is being designed by local artistic talent Eileen Bunn ( who has collaborated with Dom on the visual aspects & is working on original paintings which will accompany both the ‘live performance’ of the work & also the booklet artwork on the CD/Download release.

Further to this, there are many talented musicians who are working with Dom, recording parts on the movements & playing at the ‘live’ premiere of the piece. The premiere of Valour will be taking place on Sunday 9th November 2014 at the Library of Birmingham. Proceeds from sales with be donated to armed forces charity organisations.  Dom’s great friend Simon Bloomfield has assisted with some of the recording process thus far & has been such a supportive force, so thanks to Si for all his help.

Valour currently being recorded & Dom is hoping the music will be available for release sometime in November this year.

It is all very exciting indeed!

Be great to see you at the concert & hopefully some of you will purchase the music too!