Etudes for Piano

(Available to listen to on soundcloud)

Etude no.1 'Arpeggios'


Etude no.2 ' Left hand study'

The first is a study in arpeggios & encompasses a huge range of the piano. It was composed to display both the ferociousness & also the beauty of the instrument.

The second is played solely with the left hand & is a study in how to bring about melody & character (tonally & musically) without the need to use the right hand. The subdued & somewhat sombre nature of the piece owes itself to the deep chords & overlaying harmonies which are constantly sustained to create a whirlpool of sound, which is only pierced momentarily by a poignant melody, which rises until finally being consumed again by the darkness.  

Both pieces were written by Dom in September/October 2013 & were performed by Dom & recorded by Si B at St Margaret's, Birmingham, England on 30/10/13